About me

“Life so far has cracked me wide open and the light seeds are ready to be scattered. Where there is light, there is love. ‘Sharing is caring!’ my Soul screams. And so I will.”

Hi. I’m Shirley.

sw1-034Welcome to my world 🙂

I am a Food Scientist, Clinical Nutritionist, Project Manager and a South African Food Farmer. I love to grow, eat and make food that is naturally nutrient dense and that means I spend a great deal of my time in the food garden nurturing new seedlings or in the farm kitchen developing or testing new nutritious recipes.

My life is all about producing food, undressing food and sharing what I discover through my stories.

With a lifetime love forcomplying to rules (weird – I know!), and an inquisitive wondering about where food comes from and how it gets made, I ended up studying Food Science in beautiful Stellenbosch for 5 years. I loved and hated every moment of my studying career in Stellies and learned how to develop amazing food products that have since been launched in the food world with much success locally and internationally too.

After studying, I worked in fresh food Retail for 8 years and left that frantic corporate world to write about food, farm my own food and eventually launch my own food business, Nude Food – a registered food business since 2012.

A passionate desire for growing my own food, nurturing nature and healing myself with food, is apart of how my company, Nude Food originated.

My personal journey in and out of good health, using food as my medicine to heal, inspired me to focus on undressing food – that is, to know where my food comes from, what it’s made up of, how it’s made, grown or cared for and most importantly, how it makes me feel.

Through my Nude Food blog and other social media platforms, I aim to educate and facilitate sustainable wellness through inspiring positive changes in the food world and encouraging healthful lifestyle choices for improved personal well-being.

sw1-080I am super passionate about organic gardening, growing my own food and preparing fresh food daily. My days are usually planned around garden and kitchen activities that depend on the moon cycle and seasons. Learning how to grow organic food that is full of healthful nutrition has been a fun journey that I aim to share in hope that others will do the same and grow their own food too!

With almost 20 years experience in the food industry – I absolutely love love love what I do! I love everything food and am passionate about doing things with authentic intention to operate ethically in the food world and comply to what is valid, ensuring safe and good quality food for all.

It’s been quite a journey getting from Food Science ‘varsity class rooms, to Corporate retail shop floors, kitchens and boardrooms, and now my own privately owned Fresh Food Farm, Production and Food Consulting business. I have found Farm life in South Africa is best done with a Dachshund by you side!cropped-sw1-0223.jpg

On a part-time basis, I offer private Consulting to Food business’. Basically, if you are involved in any type of Food business – I am the person you’d want on your team to help you launch an ethical and law-compliant food business.

Collaborations and consultations are always welcome. I believe in getting it right from the start. It’s invaluable to know the food laws and regulations in the food area you are getting into – it is the best thing you could do for yourself, your business and your customers! Wasted time is wasted money in business, right?!

With all things, be gentle. This world is hard enough… I choose loving kindness and compassion, I pray you do too.

Thanks for connecting!

“My Soul wants to plant seeds of light into the world through me and if not now then when and if not me, then who.” 

Sincerely yours,

Shirley Wittig – the NudeFoodie 🙂

Enjoy xx


The Nude Food Club

This is a basic contact page for you to place an order direct with me or to simply share your details to join my Nude Food club.

It’s totally Free – no strings attached!

The Nude Food Club welcomes everybody who is keen on connecting through NUtritiously DEnse food supply!

Becoming a member is like having a private foodie on call for health-driven food products and information.

It’s a simple way to get in touch and order products direct from me.

I broadcast product supply availability news via Social media and send product availability lists with pricing on request.

Mail me anytime to order to just to say hi!


Share… Inspire… Support… 

May you forever be supported in your food journey and inspired to share your foodie finds with others – let’s stay connected through good, NUtritiously DEnse food!

Lotsa love,

Shirley x

Farming food Organically

At the Nude Food Farm homestead, I have access to a beautiful organic food garden, where fruit, vegetable and herb plants are nurtured with tender love and care.

Whenever anyone asks me why I do what I do, my answer is simple… ‘For the love of nature’. Growing food organically is a lifestyle philosophy and passion I’ve grown up with🌱 Spending time in the garden grounding and connecting with nature is super important to me.

For Nude Food Club members and small Retail suppliers, the following fresh organically grown food is seasonally available to order :



Citrus : Lemons, Oranges & Grapefruit


Seasonal crops are often planted on request and they include Butternut, Gems, Peas.

Growing plants are available for private ordering through the Nude Food Club too and include Granadilla vines, Citrus trees, Mixed Lettuce, Mixed Herbs and Clivias too💛

Contact me through the Nude Food Club for more information on supply and season.

Lemon dish

The ‘perfect rusk’

”I have come to realize something and I’m just being honest here ok… I friggin’ love baking. I really really do!”

I specialize in baking Rusks with love! 🙂


It took me a full 2 years to develop the ‘perfect rusk’ range that was also Gluten-Free!

I’ve made it available for you to order through the Nude Food Club direct – That simply means that you get in contact with me… place your order… I bake and prepare your order for delivery!

The Nude Food Rusk range:

  • Original Muesli Buttermilk Rusks 200g | 400g | 1kg
  • Gluten-Free Buttermilk Coconut Rusks 200g | 400g | 1kg
  • Dairy-Free and Dairy-Free Seedy Coconut Rusks 200g | 400g | 1kg
  • Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Vanilla Coconut Rusks 200g | 400g | 1kg

* Note: Pack format options are available at no extra cost!


Pack format options:

Non-Wrapped: Rusks are not individually packed in plastic. Available in all sizes.

Individually-Wrapped: Rusks are individually packed in plastic for freshness and easy lunchbox packing or take-aways on the go. Available in all sizes.



Nude Food (pty) Ltd is based in KZN, South Africa.

Together, we plan a delivery system that works best for you. Postnet or The Courier Guy work well!

Cost of direct delivery is usually around R85 for a package under 5kg.

Join the Nude Food Club to order your Rusks direct!



Prices sent on request… email me 🙂 nudefoodsa@gmail.com

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SA Food Laws

In the food business or you keen to start your very own food business? I can help you… it’s what I love to do – to help people who have a passion!

Did you know, in South Africa, it’s illegal to trade as a business in the Food sector without complying to specific and important food regulations. Basically you need a license, aka COA (Certificate Of Acceptability), from your local Governmental Health department in order to ensure you offer consumers safe food that is made in a food-grade, hygienic environment.

Penalties in the form of fines, jail time and business closure, with the confiscation of goods and equipment, can be avoided through complying to the basic regulations and thereby ensuring the safe and ethical supply of food products to paying consumer.


There are Basic Regulations for food supply or production in South Africa with detailed requirements within the following areas: 

  • Food Safety
  • Food Labelling
  • Food Advertising

The following Regulations are currently legislated and governed by regional local municipalities for the safe production of food products and fair business practicing and marketing of goods for sale to consumers.

1. Company Act information for registering a company 

No. 71 of 2008: Company Act, 2008

To provide for the incorporation, registration, organisation and management of companies within South Africa.

2. Food Safety & Hygiene standard for food facility/premises

R638 Food Stuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act, 1972 (Act 54 of 1972) 

(Released 22 June 2018) 

Regulations governing general Hygiene requirements for food premises and the transport of food and related matters.

3. Labelling & Advertising

R429 (R146 10 March 2010) Food Stuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act, 1972 (Act 54 of 1972)

(Released 29 May 2014) 

Regulations relating to the Labelling and Advertising of Food Stuffs.

Act No. 9 of 2014: Legal Metrology Act, 2014*

To provide for the administration and maintenance of legal metrology technical regulations in order to promote fair trade and to protect public health and safety and the environment; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

* When packing by volume or mass – this Act is about ensuring that scales are purchased from legitimate service providers who do regular calibrations/maintenance services.

 4. Consumer Protection Act

No.68 of 2008: Consumer Protection Act, 2008

To promote a fair, accessible and sustainable marketplace for consumer products and services and for that purpose to establish national norms and standards relating to consumer protection, to provide for improved standards of consumer information, to prohibit certain unfair marketing and business practices, to promote responsible consumer behaviour, to promote a consistent legislative and enforcement framework relating to consumer transactions and agreements.

There are updated version of the various acts available to purchase/view at a cost at www.acts.co.za or free at http://www.gpwonline.co.za or http://www.foodfocus.co.za

Food Focus is an excellent resource channel for South African Food producers. Interesting updates on all food regulations and food safety related matters can be found on their website – http://www.foodfocus.co.za