Mind racing with ideas and plans and words to be written, stories to be shared…

Where to begin, how to share, who will care, why bother…

Busy reading The War of Art – very interesting insights. Give it a read if you are into anything creative.

Reading, sleeping, eating and doing the best for myself is what is shifting me into a place of connection with myself that I have not nurtured for years now.

The time is now and now is the time…

Organizing my mind and my heart, clearing the space and bringing the unknown into the light through meditation and Yoga practicing every day ( …I am on day 11! ).

Change is inevitable and resistance to change futile.

Flow and you will grow. Resist and the pain shall persist.

I will simply begin where I am and here I am now.

Creating this space to write and share my heart to generate connection and love… sowing seeds of light into the world always my mission. Love thrives in the light… as does all life, therefore life must simply be love. Love the life you live… If you please.

I will no longer sensor my heart and will allow my words to come and be shared. My Soul self has a voice now and this is the space…

Welcome to my heart.

My Soul welcomes you, as do I.

Deep gratitude for all.

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