Soul notes [Poetry]

I often love free writing… here are some random notes, straight from my heart.

🖤 From the darkness comes the light… Broken, shattered, cracked open… Here I am. Watch me shine.

🖤 Light seeds flooding my mind… stars falling from my mouth every time I authentically speak from my enlightened heart… my Soul wants to sow these star seeds into the fertile minds of those who seek the light… Those who seek peace and love. Welcome.

🖤 To love and be loved… isn’t this why we came to be. To be or not to be, that is the real question… isn’t it?

🖤 I choose to be and let be. I choose love. To forgive is to love – the epitome of self-love is forgiveness. Namaste’. Peace. Peace. Peace.

🖤 I’m sorry. Please forgive. I forgive. Please love. I love you. Thank you for all that is…

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