‘Oh… how nice, but without a DATE code… no thanks.’

When someone buys me food or a beverage that comes from a market or a retailer and that item fails to have a sell-by date or any kind of date marking indicating when it was made – I am like…’oh, how thoughtful of you, but noooo thanks.’ #epicwaste

And yes, that’s even if it’s the most delicious looking product I have ever seen – label, ribbon and all!


Firstly, my health.

Ps. Did I tell you I’m allergic to cockroach 😦 True Story! That’s part of why I care so much about where food comes from and how it is handled – we should all care for the sake of our health.

If a food product does not have a simple date code on it, the person making the product is likely totally unaware of food safety, labelling regulations and basic food hygiene standards.

When a pre-packed food product does not have a date code present, it is very likely that the product is being made in an un-inspected home kitchen where there is no or little regard for any food safety measures when it comes to pest control management or general food manufacturing hygiene practices.

If you choose to make it your business to get into producing or supplying food of any kind, do you know that there are laws you need to comply to? It’s up to you as the producer to know what laws are applicable to you. Do all your homework, not just your recipe research!

Date coding on food products is law and is such a simple thing to do. It is pure ignorance on a food producers part if no date coding is on the food they are making to sell.

If you don’t know when a product was made, you can never know how ‘fresh’ it is.

If you don’t know when a product should be consumed by, you can never know if it is safe to eat or still tasty to eat.

Expecting a customer to take a guess or a gamble with your food product is risky business and is not sustainable for growth and is just careless and inconsiderate.

A consumers has the right to know product date code information in order to make healthful and informed decision when choosing to eat something. Consumer protection act – hello!

Don’t be ignorant – get informed on what laws are applicable to you in the food industry and for goodness sake – date code that delicious food you are producing to sell.

I am all about supporting small, local food business’ – BUT, when that small, local business doesn’t give a damn about what laws are in place to help ensure safe, hygienic food manufacturing practices, then, No thank you from me!

My advice – don’t buy foods without dates on them, and if you do, please keep them to yourself because gifting them to me will be an epic waste. #justsaying

With love & gratitude, Shirley x



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