More on me…

Passionate about natural nutrition and real, fresh, authentic food, I am a nature-loving foodie.

I love to spend my time outside in the garden, nurturing nature and growing everyday food, (organically of course).

I am known to spend time in my Nude Food kitchen, lovingly preparing Rusks, Cordials, Date delights, Bliss balls and Truffles for special orders.

I am a qualified Food Scientist (BSc. FSc. Stellenbosch 2002) with a post graduate International diploma in Clinical Nutrition and New Product Project Management.

After working in Fresh Food Retail for 8 years, I left the corporate world to finish a Yoga Teachers Training course in 2010.

Empowered through my own healing journey using food and yoga, and my love for all things natural and authentic, I now aim to encourage people to make better food choices, for better personal health, for a better world.

Join me on this food journey – simply subscribe to the  The Foodie Club

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