Keen to start a food business?

If haven’t read Big Magic by E. Gilbert yet; I highly recommend it; In it are stories of Elizabeths experience and theory about how Ideas are actual living, real ‘things’ that visit us to inspire us to take action.

You see, the theory is that if we are able and truly willing to do what it takes, we partner up and let the Idea reside in our lives and we work tirelessly towards bringing the Idea to life in our physical world in a real and tangible way.

So now… an Idea has visited you and you’re now keen to start a new food business. Your very own!

Yeay and hooray! Starting your own Food business, you may finally feel like you’re finding your way!

Starting any new business is a big deal which entails exactly that – a big deal… A big deal  of your time, energy and money. When you get down to the details, starting a Food business may not be as easy as you thought, but the truth is that it can be as easy or as hard as you make it – as all things in life.

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When I started my own Food business in 2012 I learned a great deal. One of those lessons involved planning and where to start first. It’s been over 6 years since I started Nude Food and my advice to new business owners is always the same – ‘After you’ve worked out what you are going to be making and how much it is going to cost and profit you, it’s time to start researching the applicable laws within your food area of interest.’

Do you know about the regulations that govern the production and packaging and transportation of Food?

To learn more about what Laws or Regulations you should comply to, check out my simple Food Law page. It basically highlights the existing business and general food Laws for South African Food business owners.

The real work starts when you have access to and understand the applicable Law or Regulation requirements for your specific Food Business. Here are a few questions I’d likely ask a new client who is inspired to become a food business owner…

  • Do you fully understand the specific legal requirements to produce food for sale to the public and can you honestly comply to them to make safe food that complies to the law?
  • Does your packaging information comply to the laws that are in place for customers health and safety?
  • Are you clear on what specific records you need to keep for food safety and tax reasons?
  • Are you willing to comply to Laws for consumers Food Safety and verify your food facility or kitchen as safe for the production of food for public consumption? 

Did you know that it is unlawful to produce and sell food commercially to the public without a Certificate of Acceptability (COA) document, issued by a Health inspector in your municipality?

Many new and even existing food business’ simply do not know about food laws and assume food safety is basic, general knowledge. Please note: Unfortunately not all food producers that sell food products to major retailers and small scale food retailers comply or are checked to verify COA documentation – nor are the fresh food market vendors you find at your favorite Food Market. This means that their products are technically sold illegally. 

The Health inspector of your local municipality will authorize a Certificate of Acceptability for the inspected food facility if the inspection passes the required specifications, as set out by the specific Food Regulations.

If a Food business does not physically display this COA document – assume correctly that the facility is not inspected, because by law you need to display said documentation for public viewing. For example, all the places you can buy food from need to have this COA document, and all places that produce food that is sold to the places you can buy it from, need to have this COA too. At a Food Market stall or table, if the vendor does not display their COA – assume correctly again that the place where that food is being made if likely not as food safe and sanitary as it should be… according to the law. 

Run a legit, legally-compliant food business, making good quality products.

If you are serious about birthing your precious Idea into the world and running a food business – make your life a little less stressful by taking the time today to understand the requirements to run the kind of food business you want and meet them. Your future self will thank you, and so too will your future loyal customers!

Coaching business clients who care about food quality, general health and wellness is fun for me.

Drop me a line if you ever feel in need of some extra foodie guidance to run a food safe and legit food business 🙂

Ciao for now xx