Wherever you are planted, grow there


Working with Nature has taught me a great deal about life. One of those lessons is exactly this…

grow where you are planted

Over the past year, I’ve done just that – I grew. I chose to grow where I was planted. Metaphorically, I was in a seedy phase – in darkness, in a state of quiet, painful growth, searching for the light. Finally I’ve sprouted new ways of living life and running my food business after a dark time of confusion. That confusion was a weird situation where a team in CT decided to use my registered company and brand name as their own and then the madness began… I felt disempowered and confused but I grew through it.

I will always choose to grow wherever I am because I am alive and it is a privilege to be. It is also a privilege to get to share insights and foodie information that I’ve experienced and I will keep undressing food and sharing my knowledge.

I am planning some fun and exciting collaborations with fellow foodies and I look forward to sharing more as I grow more into me 🙂

Ciao for now x


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