Passionate about small food business

I love to undress food and get familiar with where everyday food comes from, how it is made or grown, what its made up of and why bother eating it… or not?!!

Complying to local laws and regulation governing food production, supply, marketing and transport is also a passion and an area that I enjoy supporting fellow food business owners in.


I intend to Blog more and facilitate groups to literally undress food and share my knowledge of the food world to the food world!

I believe in personal empowerment through sharing knowledge and have a passion for encouraging and supporting better food preparations and choices from farm to fork!

Nude Food pty (Ltd) is a privately owned food consulting and supply business and I love connecting to fellow foodies and food producers.


If you are in the food production business – Check out my SA Food Law info page for the latest South African Food regulation resources.


Join me on this food journey and share your own food production journey with me – I would love to hear all about your experience.

Simply subscribe to the  The Foodie Club to get in touch and get connected to like-minded foodies and small Food Producers in South Africa 🙂

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