10 years on : 10 years off

My truth…


Did you know that I’ve roughly stayed the same weight (~50kg’s) my entire adult life (I’m 40 year old now)😬

Some may say I am just ‘lucky’ but really, luck, has nothing to do with it, nor genetics. It’s more about me being super clear on how I want to feel in my body and making conscious choices to help myself feel and be that way. It’s never about a number.

Feeling good is my priority because to feel good, to me, means to be strong, confident and healthy.


Throughout my life I’ve frequently, and often uncomfortably, had people comment on my weight, my body and my ‘moodiness’… After some weight gain fluctuations in my teens when I left home to start varsity aka 1st year syndrome😂… then Clinical depression (medicated), chronic Fatigue, and painful IBS… skip about 10 years later, in my very late 20’s… I painfully learned that I had a distorted perception of life, food, my body and wellness. Amongst other issues, I had poor, mindless eating habits – the food types, quality and quantity I was choosing to eat was not helpful to healthy living or my happiness.

Today what I choose to eat, when, how and why, is a mindful practice that I will forever be grateful to my body and myself for journeying, suffering and learning through. 

This is why I started my company NuDe Food in 2012 – after being misdiagnosed multiple times and poorly guided by the medical world, I had taught myself why and how to choose to eat NUtrient DEnse Food for improving my health… do you get it?… Nu-De food 🙂

After graduating as a Food Scientist from Stellenbosch university and then 8 years in Fresh Food Product Development and Food Safety management within the corporate retail world, I left the big City life to live on a rural Food farm. This is where Nude Food was birthed and nurtured.

I started Nude Food because I wanted to support like-minded foodies, share my food experience and wellness journey; to undress food and share the knowledge I had learned throughout my days of darkness and suffering; to bring light to food and health issues and to be an anti-depressant free activist.

In 2008, using solely Nutritionally Dense plant food 🌱 as my medicine, I stopped taking antidepressant medication – after being dependent for 10 years – Yeay me! 🙂

#fact – year 2019 was my 10 year anniversary off antidepressants medication.

I’ve learned a lot through my pain and suffering… (and look forward to sharing more stories to inspire you to choose healthful, mindful living for yourself), but for now, I can happily say that I am far stronger in heart, more confident in my body and healthier in soooo many ways than ever before, and I know that the lesson is always and will always be #LOVE

Sometimes it takes 10 years to get that 1 year that will change your life..png

– Disclosure: I’m not always strong, confident and healthy – not at all… life for me is not about a goal weight or a constant state of being… it’s more about doing my best to accept and love whatever is, flowing and growing – knowing that I have power of peace through my own #choices 💫

Don’t make your love for life and yourself about other people’s expectations or your goal #weight or a number system of eating and living through obsessively counting or measuring numbers – make it about YOU feeling good. How you feel matters – always, and remember that change is a process and it’s our choice to enjoy that journey or suffer through it.

Big loves xxxxx

May you always choose to be… #strong #confident and #healthy 💗 through healthful food choices!

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