Not your average Worcester(shire) Sauce…

Oh my gooodness, oh my gosh! I have been so excited to share this new foodie find 🙂


Miss J.L.Hall’s Worcester Sauces

Miss J.L. Hall’s Worcester sauces area complex blend of freshly ground spices, brown sugar, dried fruit (with NO Sulphur Dioxide) and garlic, in a naturally fermented vinegar base. There is a wide range of sauce types and flavour combinations to give every foodie a sauce to delight and give ever dish a delicious oomph! 🙂

These products contain NO preservatives, artificial flavouring or sweetners, colourant or essences. They are Gluten-Free and also MSG free! This is a big deal and super rare to find.

If you are wondering what the big deal is… well, simply, there are many other Worcestershire sauces types out there that are loaded with MSG, preservatives, artificial flavorings and colourants too. Simply read the ingredient lists and take note of the multiple E-numbers. Be mindful that everything we consume matters and in micro doses poor quality ingredients impact our health and wellness long term.

Exceptional quality ingredients and a love for authentic, real food is what sets Miss J.L. Hall’s product range apart.

You’ll never buy another brand again – no need too 🙂 This truly is the Perfect Worcester(shire) sauce range I have ever come across and guess what?… This product originated from the sleepy little town of Worcester in the Western Cape, South Africa by a very passionate foodie.

The full range includes:

– Original Worcester Sauce

– Smoked (with real smoke!)

– No Chilli

– Extra Chilli Sauce

– Bliksemstraal (this is Habanero Hot!)

– Tomato

– Curried

– Salad dressing / Basting Sauce

For more information on where to buy this delicious sauce range, check out Miss J.L. Halls website for updates on new stores listing the product in your region.

Do yourself and your family a favour and choose the best quality Sauce on the market for the best possible food experience.

This range of sauces gets the Nude Foodie stamp of approval because it is not only a sauce that is ‘clean’ label and Nutrient Dense based on real, best quality ingredients, but also because it is produced in a legit food facility that has a COA (Certificate of Acceptability) issued by the local municipality.

This means that the food producer has been visited by the local Health inspector and complies to the local Food laws that governs Food Safety and the handling of food in a safe and hygienic way.

Miss J.L. Halls product range is simple the best sauce range on the market!

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