Insect Ice-Cream anyone?

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If you haven’t yet heard about it, let me share this interestingly innovative product that makes Entomophagy [the eating of insects] a little easier to enjoy.

Delicious Dairy-Free Ice-cream!

Gourmet Grubb is a company in Cape Town, launched in 2017, that specifically makes Dairy-Free Ice-cream made with Entomilk. Entomilk is a trade marked brand name of a type of milk substitute that is made from Insects blended with water, also known as the Original Insect Milk. 

Insect milk is not actual milk that is expressed from a female insect but is literally insect larvae that is blended up with water to give a milk-type consistency. The insect used to make this milk is literally a fly. More specifically, the Black soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens). 

Before you repel in disgust at the thought of eating flies, please be aware that this specific fly, the Black soldier Fly is unlike the common and pesty Houseflies or Blowflies and is in fact very beneficial to nature and now to foodies too. 

These flies are not a pest to humans because their mouth parts are specifically designed to only consume liquids such as flower nectar. Basically the Black soldier Fly is a super special fly because of its effectiveness as a Larvae in breaking down organic waste and in turn becoming specifically rich in protein, minerals (Calcium, Zinc and Iron) and unsaturated fats. They do not produce protein themselves, but convert human-inedible protein into edible food. It has been recorded that in 432 hours, 1 g of black soldier fly eggs convert into 2.4 kg of protein.

Entomilk is proven to be highly nutritious with a better Amino acid profile than red meat and is significantly higher in protein than regular dairy milk – in fact, Entomilk contains 5 times the protein of cow’s milk, without the Lactose.

This product is very niche at the moment and is the first of its kind in the world – a truly proud moment in South African food development history.

This new dairy-free milk product was developed by Leah and her housemate Jean Louwrens in 2017. Today Leah is working on her PhD at Stellies (University of Stellenbosch) while they both run the Gourmet Grubbs food business venture. 

So Entomilk is used as the main ingredient in the Dairy-free ice-cream range that is sold by Gourmet Grubbs and is apparently made at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Thanks to a grant they received from the governmental Technology Innovation Agency’s Seed Fund Programme the Gourmet Grubb team produces Entomilk and ice cream at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Agri-Food Technology Station.

According to the Gourmet Grubbs online site, the Dairy-free ice-cream comes in 3 different flavours and costs around R60 per Litre.

Current flavours include:


‘Rich, smooth and flavouful, this ice cream delights the palate and smothers the senses in chocolate decadence.’Chocolate GG

Peanut butter

‘Smooth and creamy, this infusion of Entomilk(TM) and organic peanut butter delivers an honestly delicious ice cream.’Peanut GG

Christmas Spices (imagine a Chia spice mix flavour)

‘Exotic yet familiar, this full bodied blend of spices and Entomilk(TM) delight the palate by embracing the flavours of the holidays.’Spice GG

All orders placed online are collectable from their spot in Woodstock, Cape Town and not available anywhere else in the country at the moment. …All good things in good time 🙂

Check out their super cool online website shop for more info…

Like most other foodies living outside the Cape area, I still haven’t had the pleasurably crazy experience of trying this insect ice-cream but one day soon when I visit the Cape again I will make a special visit to give it a try and report back!

Reviews by other foodies who have tried it have been truly positive and this Dairy-Free Ice-cream is truly one of the most innovative insect based products I have ever seen.

I think Entomophagy is a super interesting food topic and I’ll certainly be exploring the subject more and will keep you updated on my expeditions and experiences.

Ohhhh… and talking about ‘experiences’, did you know that the Gourmet Grubb company has launched a Pop-up Restaurant  – the first of its kind, an Insect based restaurant called The Insect Experience! Yes, all the meals are made with Insect as the primary ‘meat’ or protein source by a resourceful and talented gourmet chef. It’s in Cape Town, located at the Good Food market in the Iron Works shopping centre in Woodstock.

If you live in the Cape and are keen to try something deliciously unusual, nutritious and funky, give them your inquisitive support and pop in. They serve their Ice-cream there too!

With love,

Shirley – The Nude Foodie – for the love of undressing food and sharing knowledge 🙂

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