Farming food Organically

At the Nude Food Farm homestead, I have access to a beautiful organic food garden, where fruit, vegetable and herb plants are nurtured with tender love and care.

Whenever anyone asks me why I do what I do, my answer is simple… ‘For the love of nature’. Growing food organically is a lifestyle philosophy and passion I’ve grown up with🌱 Spending time in the garden grounding and connecting with nature is super important to me.

For Nude Food Club members and small Retail suppliers, the following fresh organically grown food is seasonally available to order :



Citrus : Lemons, Oranges & Grapefruit


Seasonal crops are often planted on request and they include Butternut, Gems, Peas.

Growing plants are available for private ordering through the Nude Food Club too and include Granadilla vines, Citrus trees, Mixed Lettuce, Mixed Herbs and Clivias too💛

Contact me through the Nude Food Club for more information on supply and season.

Lemon dish